BigMedilytics at the Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Symposium

BigMedilytics at the Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Symposium

4 November, 2020

Dr. Supriyo Chatterjea, a senior scientist at Philips Research and coordinator of BigMedilytics, participated on the 28th of October in the Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Symposium, a virtual event organized by the Life Science Alliance and the MOLIT institute of personalized medicine.

The virtual symposium brought together researchers from across the globe to address the promises and challenges of artificial intelligence in healthcare. Dr. Supriyo Chatterjea presented the BigMedilytics project experience with characterizing hospital workflows. This topic is covered by the Industrialization of healthcare services theme which consists of four pilots (Stroke, Sepsis, Asset management, and Radiology workflows) involving various time-critical workflows within a hospital that have the highest impact not only on productivity but the quality of care. The pilots demonstrate how productivity within the hospital can be significantly improved (20-30%) by optimizing workflows.

The conference assembled leading basic and clinical researchers to share and discuss the latest on using big data to make intelligent predictions about the disease, responses to treatment, or diagnoses; the translation of AI technologies to the clinic and its implications for patients; ethical and societal issues to consider when introducing AI technology to the public, and the rise of smart systems and technologies that change the way we manage health, and the broader approach to healthcare.

Visit the website of the event for more information.