BigMedilytics will influence the new Charter of Digital Rights for Spain


BigMedilytics will influence the new Charter of Digital Rights for Spain

25 June, 2020

The BigMedilytics’ Data Protection Officer and lecturer of Constitutional Law at the University of Valencia, Professor Ricard Martínez, is among the group of experts that will advise the Spanish Government in the process of the elaboration of a new Charter of Digital Rights for Spain. This Charter will be used to develop the protection of citizens’ rights in digital environments. The valuable lessons learned from the BigMedilytics project will influence the digital rights with regard to the impact of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence.

For Professor Ricard Martínez, health research has pioneered big data research and the development of Artificial Intelligence models that are respectful of the guarantee of rights. In the case of Spain, the solid ethical principles that guide research, both in the Declaration of Helsinki and in the framework of the Oviedo Convention, constitute a very solid corpus from which to work.

Martínez also explains that health research is guided by the utmost respect for human dignity, avoiding unnecessary harm and suffering, and at the same time by the use of data for the common good. On the other hand, the legal framework of the general data protection regulation, and the seventeenth additional provision of the Organic Law on data protection in Spain provide essential methodological learning for the development of a technology that guarantees fundamental rights.

Data protection is in the DNA of BigMedilytics. The project follows proper protocols to ensure that all ethical concerns are addressed appropriately and that the pilots comply with relevant national and EU legislation. The project has established an Ethics Board headed by Ricard Martínez as DPO, who advises the consortium on how ethics-related matters should be handled within BigMedilytics. In addition, the project is also advised by an independent, external ethics advisor.

The BigMedilytics project is honoured to be a source of knowledge to contribute to grant the citizens’ rights in digital environments and congratulates Professor Ricard Martínez on being appointed as an expert advising the Spanish Government.