BigMedilytics heads into the final stretch


BigMedilytics heads into the final stretch

18 January, 2021

The BigMedilytics project held virtually the fifth consortium meeting on the 10th of December 2020 to review the progress and achievements of the project so far and align on the next tasks during this upcoming period.

Despite the many challenges of the last year, the 35 partners that make up the consortium have been working very hard to achieve the objectives set by the project:

  • Improve chronic disease and cancer outcomes using big data.
  • Optimize workflows through industrializing healthcare services using big data.
  • Guarantee replicability of big data concepts in healthcare.
  • Increase market share through data integration.
  • Establish secure and privacy-preserving cross-border and cross-organisation healthcare services thus strengthening EU’s Digital Market Strategy.
  • Define Best “big data” practices.
  • Enable knowledge transfer.


The partners face with enthusiasm the final phase of this great project that will come to an end this August. This stage will be mainly focused on the validation of the pilots, the blueprint, and the organisation of the final event with the External Exploitation Partners covering the key players in the healthcare sector such as healthcare providers, health technology companies, payers, research institutes, and academia from across Europe.

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