The BigMedilytics Blueprint

The BigMedilytics Blueprint, is an interactive website, which aims at sharing the main findings of our project. The Blueprint describes the key enablers needed to drive the uptake of Big Data healthcare solutions, namely (a) business modeling, (b) performance modeling, (c) technical aspects, (d) legal, privacy and ethical aspects and (e) factors related to deployment at scale of Big Data technologies. It shows these aspects from five different perspectives which are represented by the five different bubbles below. With a bottom-up approach, starting from a fine-grained view of each single pilot (Pilot View), to a transversal overview about the different technologies and solutions across pilots (Transversal Aspects), to a high level and general learnings of the project (General Learnings). Next, those learnings are then mapped to important stakeholders of the health continuum (Stakeholder Perspective), and finally we show how the developed technologies could be applied to a fictitious patient journey (Patient Journey). All content is based on fine-grained information collected from the different pilots, but also by interactions between the different partners. More information can be found within the orange ABOUT bubbles.