Population Health and Chronic Disease Management

Kidney disease

Kidney disease

Chronic kidney disease affects from 3% to 17% of the population across European Union. 1,2 Regarding health expenditure, for example, Germany is facing more than €3 billion of costs for patients with chronic kidney failure. Therefore, it requires a very costly therapy for the individuals.

Up to 17 %

population affected

> €3 billion

public cost in Germany

Costly therapy for people

Led by Charité, this pilot uses the results of the ongoing MACSS project to improve outcomes and reduce costs after kidney transplantation. Thus intervention, driven by novel dynamic prediction models and alert systems will allow early recognition, management, and prevention of post-transplant complications.

Why a big data approach is needed

In order to deal with the variety of large data sources, reliable natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) methods are required to allow early prediction of complications and thus facilitate early intervention to prevent morbidity and hospitalizations.
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Pilot 2: Kidney disease


Poster at BigMedilytics event: “Big Data: Fueling the transformation of Europe’s Healthcare Sector”. September 4-5, 2019, Valencia, Spain

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2 Source: CKD Prevalence Varies across the European General Population. Brück K et al. J Am Soc Nephrol. 2016 Jul;27(7):2135-47.