Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer was the most common cancer among men in EU in 2012. Its incidence is expected to further increase. This poses a large burden on health care services and prostate cancer is within the top four most costly cancers in the EU2.


cancer in men

Large burden

on healthcare services


4th most costly cancer

Led by Karolinska, this pilot will design a Clinical Decision Support (CDS) system together with Philips that will be implemented in at Karolinska Hospital. The CDS and the captured big data will be used to deriver primary treatment decisions in a multidisciplinary setting, derive treatment and value-based health care related quality outcome measures, create decision models to improve functional outcome predictions after primary intervention, apply health economic modelling to test cost-effectiveness of the implemented big data technologies.

Why a big data approach is needed

Big data is used to apply predictive modelling of patient outcomes to improve clinical outcomes. Applying machine learning approaches to genomics data can lead to uncovering important bio-markers that correlate significantly with medically relevant phenomena.



Pilot 6: Prostate cancer


Poster at BigMedilytics event: “Big Data: Fueling the transformation of Europe’s Healthcare Sector”. September 4-5, 2019, Valencia, Spain

1 Source: Luengo-Fernandez, R., Leal, J., Gray, A., & Sullivan, R. (2013). Economic burden of cancer across the European Union: a population-based cost analysis. The Lancet Oncology, 14(12), 1165–1174.


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