Industrialitzation of healthcare services

Asset management

Asset management

Nurses can spend up to 30% of their total work time searching for equipment. With labour costs making up the vast majority of healthcare spending, this represents a significant fraction of the total European healthcare spending. In addition, European hospitals invest around €100 billion in medical technology yearly, a fraction of which for replacing mobile equipment that cannot be traced.

Up to 30% of work time searching for equipment

High healthcare

spending in Europe

€100bn in medical technology yearly

Led by Philips, this pilot aims to make the process of finding and managing mobile assets within a hospital more efficient. Productivity will be improved by ensuring that staff waste less time looking for equipment and a hospital utilizes its mobile assets more cost effectively.

Why a big data approach is needed

Real-Time Locating Systems are capable of providing accurate location, motion and other data on equipment, staff and/or patients at update rates typically up to once per 3 seconds. Big data solutions are used to process data streaming in from the hospitals to visualize the location and utilization status of various mobile assets.



Pilot 11: Asset management


Poster at BigMedilytics event: “Big Data: Fueling the transformation of Europe’s Healthcare Sector”. September 4-5, 2019, Valencia, Spain