Population Health and Chronic Disease Management



Chronic lung conditions are major drivers to morbidity and mortality worldwide. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is the third largest cause of death globally and Asthma the commonest long term respiratory condition affecting over 30 million people in Europe. Both conditions are major drivers to hospitalisation and unscheduled care use. These are major drivers to disease-related health costs.


3rd cause of death globally

30 million

asthmatics in Europe


Both are major drivers to hospitalization

Led by the University of Southampton, the pilot seeks to develop predictive models from real-time patient data using mobile and web enabled platforms MY COPD and MY Asthma. These models will enable patients and health care services to move from a reactive to proactive approach to care and targeting limited resources to patients who need them in a timely manner, while intervening early with treatment, preventing hospitalisation and use of emergency care while improving clinical outcomes.

Why a big data approach is needed

The big data approach is paramount to enable the integration of data feeds from heterogenous sources, predictive models of risk and exacerbation to be developed and for pilot intervention studies.

My Mhealth
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Pilot 4: COPD / Asthma


Poster at BigMedilytics event: “Big Data: Fueling the transformation of Europe’s Healthcare Sector”. September 4-5, 2019, Valencia, Spain